Creating an event on a Facebook page to promote a business

Social media marketing can be an important strategy that many businesses follow to get higher returns on the revenue that is generated by the company. Using Facebook can be used for marketing the products so that more consumers know about it. Creating events on Facebook can be a good way of reaching out to more consumers in a short span of time.

How to invite others to your Facebook event?

Creating a Facebook event is easy and simple if you have already purchased some Facebook Fans. The business page administrator needs to go in the settings of the page to fill in the details of the event. Events of different types can be marketed on Facebook. It can be a product launch or a promotional deal that the company is offering. Both of these events can be created on Facebook.


After the date and details of the event have been decided you may need to select the individuals that can be invited to it. Usually, businesses invite Facebook members that have liked the company’s page. This is because for a business the individuals who have liked the page are potential customers.

When creating an event, you may need to be specific about the location of the event. If it is an online event then provide the relevant links for participation. If the event is offline then make sure that you post the map so that the consumers can easily navigate. To fulfil the last stage of creating an event, it can be better to put a personalised message so that you are able to distinguish your product from other brands in the market.

How to promote your Facebook event?

Many businesses use Facebook events to generate sales leads that they can pursue for the future. To get more sales due to the Facebook event, you may need to make elaborate efforts to promote your event. One of the most effective ways of getting more consumers to participate in your Facebook event is to put a call to action in the graphics that are posted with it. Businesses can post a registration link so that they know the number of fans who are interested in the event. To make the event more successful you can tag individual consumers who have purchased a product from your online store in the past. This helps in reminding the consumers regarding the event on a regular basis.

Why is there no invite all option in the events created on Facebook?

Using Facebook events can be a good way of promoting your product deals to more consumers. As the event details are mentioned on Facebook, it can be easier to notify the consumers regarding the product catalogue that is likely to be shown online. Facebook events are also used for offline invites as it is much more feasible for businesses to communicate the details with the consumers. Many consumers use tracker for the RSVPs that they have received to find the number of individuals who are likely to be interested in the event. Despite the benefits associated with creating a Facebook event, there are some problems that businesses have to face when inviting the consumer.

A common problem that they face is that they are unable invite all the fans of their page simultaneously. This means that to invite others to the page you may need to select each individual consumers name and send them an invite separately. Many businesses find this process to be extremely time consuming. It is also possible that the page administrator can miss some fans and they might not receive the event details at all.  

Many consumers complain that they get several unwanted invites throughout the day. To prevent the occurrence of spam for the consumers, Facebook has developed this policy of individual invitation. The policy states that as page administrators you do not have the option of ‘invite all’. Thus, administrators need to individually invite the fans of the Facebook page online. Many marketing experts have evaluated that this Facebook policy has been kept in place because when users like a particular page they are not agreeing to be a part of the mailing list. For there to be an invite all option, a new privacy policy may need to be drafted by Facebook.

There are several methods that a business page administrator can use to make their event successful. One of the most important methods that you can use to interact with the consumers is to post the event on their specific wall. If you have great content on your Facebook page then consumers are likely to comment on it or share with other users.

Additionally, you can use Facebook self service ads to promote your event. With the highly developed Facebook analytics system, your event will be shown in the search results of your target audience. However, this can be a costly approach that new businesses may find difficult to use.

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