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Facebook plug-ins allow website owners and bloggers the opportunity to link their platform with Facebook. Through this way, you increase your platform's recognition. Facebook is the world's most used social media. You can exploit this Facebook's feature to get recognition for your website and blog. With this said, you can incorporate certain Facebook plug-ins to help you achieve popularity. These plugins include:

Activity Feed
This particular plug-in highlights the recent activity on a website to the owner whether they are logged in on Facebook or not. It also shows the number of times the website contents/blog has been recommended.


Comment Box
Facebook comment plug-in simply allows people to make a contribution to your website content using their Facebook account.  It creates engagement, fosters relationship and enhances the exchange of ideas. You can engender a great discussion on Facebook with this great plugin.

Share Button
This allows Facebook users to share your website content on their Facebook wall to their friends, Facebook groups, and pages. This will increase awareness towards the content on your website.

Login Button
This plug-in allows visitors to your website to log in using their Facebook account.

Like Button
You can include this plugin to any section of the content on your website/blog. With just a click, the content will be shared by the reader to the Facebook's friends. It will appear on the Facebook user's wall, bared for all to see.

This plugin shows the most recent activities on your platform. It also shows how frequently it has been viewed, liked and shared whether the viewers are logged in on Facebook or not. This will make it easy for you to make the top contents of your website easy for visitors to see.

There you have it! The above are couple of plugins that can be used by website owners and bloggers to link the activity platform on their website or blog to their Facebook page. These plug-ins can be used to increase the popularity of your website/blog using Facebook.

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