Facebook's Revolution: All Notifications from the Various Facebook Apps (Instagram and Messenger) will be Merged into a Single "Place"

Facebook is taking a new step with their mobile app. With so many users using Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, they have now merged notifications from all three into one location. Now, when you are on Facebook, you can quickly jump between the other two apps without a lot of trouble. This allows for seamless movement between apps as well as easier management of your notifications.


Facebook's New Move

This is not the first time Facebook has made a change. Over the years, the app and the company have continued to change and evolve. This is normal for any large business as they attempt to innovate, improve customer relations, and lead the way in their industry. With Facebook's newest change, however, you can see something you have not had before – easy access between three of the apps you use most often. Facebook's own app, their messenger app, and the Instagram app are all going to have notifications moved into one place.

Using the New System

The new notification system is simple to use. When you log into the Facebook app, you will see the notification icon at the top right. This is your photo, where you can see how many notifications you have. If you have 5 new notifications on Facebook, it will have a little red circle with the number 5 in it. You can click on that and go right to your notifications.

With the new system, you can see this with your Messenger and Instagram notifications, too. When you log into your account, the number displayed is for notifications from all three apps. If you have 2 on Messenger, 1 on Facebook, and 1 on Instagram, it will say you have a total of 4 notifications. You can click on your photo and go right to each app from a popup menu. Use this menu to move between apps with ease, checking out everything.

You can use this menu to quickly switch to the others apps whenever you want, too. If you want to post on your Instagram or contact someone on Messenger, you are a click away from doing that. Everything goes much faster with this new system.

Facebook is continuing the integration that they already have in place. While it does keep you on Facebook longer,

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