How to write Awesome Facebook Status Updates in few minutes

Professional or personal, your Facebook status update can say a lot about you and do you a great deal of good. If you want that push towards success, if you want the attention, and if you want to get as many likes and shares as possible, you need to know how to write an awesome Facebook status update. It is not hard to learn this, no matter your age or Facebook knowledge. It only takes a few minutes to learn the best way to write your next update. Use these tips to help you succeed with your status updates.

write awesome facebook updates
Have a Template and Posting Guide

This is for you only, not something you will post. When trying to plan out what you post, having templates and guides to follow can help you maintain high quality posts. These posts will grab attention, succeed at getting a message across, and get more clicks, likes, and shares.
Make a plan for every area of your posting. From what you write to when you post, there should be a plan. This is how you succeed and get consistent results. After all, strategy plays heavily into social media success.

Positivity is Important

Ranting and venting, and being negative overall, may not work for you. When trying to frame your next status update, go with a positive approach. Positivity gains more attention, likes, and shares. Negative posts may trend often, but not as much as the positive stuff does. The positive stuff will get you a positive reaction consistently. It also helps to build your image more than negative posts would.

Use the Facebook Features

Hashtags, descriptions, and titles exist for a good reason. When people search these things, or come across them on their feed, it grabs attention. It pulls in readers and viewers. It makes people more able to see and find you. With this, you can grab a ton more attention than you would have otherwise. It helps you to rise up and make your content more accessible. Use them – and use them wisely.


Simple and Effective

Your content should not go on and on. It should not make people want to keep scrolling. It should not tire someone the moment they see it. You want short, succinct, and attention grabbing. Use short, clear sentences and links to help you pull everything together. Images, too, will help, and end everything with a call to action to push your audience where you want them to go.

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