The best words to use in Facebook titles to get shares

Social media marketing may have changed the way businesses are marketing their products. Facebook is one of the most used social media sites. Due to its easy to understand interface many businesses are using this social media platform to inform more consumers regarding their promotional deals and new product launches. When posting content on Facebook, businesses need to put innovative titles to it. This helps businesses in creating a unique and differentiated image of their products in the consumer’s mind.

Research has shown that if certain words are used in the Facebook titles then the content is likely to be shared. This means that titles to Facebook posts are an important factor that is used by consumers to determine if they want to view the content further. Here we present some of the different additions that you can make to the social media posts on Facebook to gain higher popularity.


Provide advice on the correct approach

Many consumers are in need of validation when they are buying a new product. This is the reason so many of them turn towards how-to articles to show the correct method of doing simple things. The internet is filled with content that caters to this very need of consumers. The social media is no different when it comes to advice based content. The problem starts with navigating social media sites like Facebook. This is the reason businesses need to come up with catchy titles that show the type of content that is posted. Therefore, if your content provides advice then it is important to mention it in the title when you are posting it on Facebook.

Have a unique idea

Businesses often struggle to create high quality content that is unique. Apart from developing relevant and different content it can be beneficial to have a Facebook title that present the uniqueness of the post. Using unique words like ‘amazing’ in the Facebook title helps in keeping the consumer interested enough to read further. The words in the title need to be arranged according to the article requirements so that consumers know the type of content they are going to read or view. If the Facebook title is unique then the Facebook users are likely to share it so that others know about it as well.

Motivate viewers to explore further

Facebook post that have common inspirational content are likely to be shared online. The same is true for Facebook titles as well. If they contain motivational words then more users are likely to publicise it online. Motivational and positive words can help consumers in associating a reliable image with the company’s products. If they think that the title is encouraging then your Facebook post is likely to be shared by users with their friends. In this way you can have a good work of mouth advertising strategy planned for your product range.

Shows how the product can be helpful

When a consumer makes a purchase, it is important to determine that the product can help them in making their lives more comfortable and relaxed. Using words like ‘smart’ and ‘science’ in the title helps in improving your credibility. If a consumer thinks that the claims made by the company are true then they are likely to share the Facebook post so that others know about it too. Therefore, it is important to put words that show the realistic appeal of the brand.

Humorous and user-friendly words

Funny titles that the consumers are able to relate to have a wider appeal for the target audience. This is the reason you then may need to use friendly words like ‘Check this out’, ‘please’ and ‘help’ to encourage more users to share the post online. Humorous and user-friendly words in the title like ‘great ‘ and ‘top’  are likely to be posted again by consumers. Therefore, it is important to put these words in the Facebook titles when planning the content calendar.

Promotional deals

Marketing your product on Facebook can be difficult if you have not arranged the titles of the posts using particular words. Words like ‘offer’ and ‘discount’ can be a good indication for the consumers to read the post in detail. If you use words like ‘critical’ and ‘huge’, consumers are more comfortable with sharing the post on Facebook. Other words like ‘new’ in terms of entries that you have made to the online catalogue can also encourage consumers to share the content as they know that the company is fully committed to the sale of their products.

Using specific words can help consumers in understanding the brand message that the company wants to portray. It is important to note that different words may work in different settings so businesses need to plan their content calendar in detail to avoid any problems in the future. 

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