You haven't bought FB shares? Your post will reach only the 16% of your audience

Social media marketing has enabled businesses to interact with a wider target audience. This means that they can develop effective strategies without any barriers as most of the users can easily navigate social media sites. As a result, businesses have developed various innovative and creative social media campaigns to promote their products online. There are several social media sites that businesses can use to advertise their products.

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media sites that businesses mostly develop their digital campaign for. Through shares for the company’s post on Facebook, you can determine if the social media strategy has been successful. Due to the importance of getting Facebook shares, many companies buy it so that they are able to have a wider reach.


Research shows that business pages that do not buy Facebook shares, they are only able to reach 16% of their total fan base. If you are a social media marketer looking for ways to increase your company’s overall ranking then buying Facebook shares can be a viable option. Buying Facebook shares can help you in getting an edge over other brands in the market.  Here, we present some of the benefits of buying Facebook shares.


Due to the presence of so many companies on Facebook, it has become increasingly difficult for a business to develop a distinguished brand identity. This problem is more severe for businesses that have recently established their company. To provide a simple solution to this problem, you may need to buy Facebook shares. The volume of these shares can be used to indicate the popularity of the content that you post on the business page. Buying Facebook shares can help a business in developing a steady standing for the product catalogue that they are marketing. Through more Facebook shares you can make your business page get more viewership.

Increase advertising potential

Facebook pages that have more shares are likely to generate higher revenues. If your page has higher shares then it increases the advertising potential of your campaign. This means that as your page gets more shares, you can easily advertise your products online. This helps in reaching a wider audience. Buying Facebook shares can be a good way of making an investment for the future. To buy Facebook shares it is important to contact a reliable and legitimate company as ours. If the company is not experienced in gradually increasing the Facebook shares then this approach can lead to problems. Therefore, it is important that you hire a company that is going to add the Facebook shares through real profiles so that the increase in analytics later on is not suspicious. Otherwise the shares can be counted as fake if automatic software system is used to increase Facebook shares.

Wider reach

The number of potential consumers who know about your product can be an important determinant that businesses use when evaluating the success of a particular marketing campaign. If you buy Facebook shares, you can ensure that more users know about the services that are provided. When users know that the company’s page is mostly shared by other individuals they are likely to be encouraged to do so themselves. In this way buying a few shares can help you in getting the attention of consumers that can buy the product from your company.

Search engine rankings

There are several signals that are used by search engines to determine the ranking a particular page. One of the most important factors the social media response that your business page was able to generate. If the social media response in terms of likes and shares was not adequate but other companies were able to perform better in that limited time then your page rank is likely to be negatively impacted. Buying Facebook shares can help you in improving an important ranking signal so that your company can get a better page rank. Many business administrators are under the misconception that posting great content on the Facebook page is enough to get higher ratings. The problem is that organic growth patterns start to show results after a time lag. For new businesses, getting instant results is extremely important for their survival in the marketplace.

Better brand recognition

Due to the clutter that is present in the current digital marketing strategies that businesses are using, it can be difficult to distinguish your brand from other companies. Buying Facebook shares helps you in developing an effective marketing strategy. It can enable a business to get better brand recognition due to the higher number of shares. Once the consumers are aware of the high quality products that the business sells then they are likely to share the product details. Thus, buying Facebook views is an initial investment that will show positive results in the future. 

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