Facebook is changing the way to count the Likes

Social media sites can help businesses in getting more exposure as they can inform more consumers regarding the company’s products. There are many benefits that a business can get if they are able to achieve popularity through social media sites. Facebook has achieved tremendous popularity as one of the most used social media sites. Due to its easily understandable and simple interface, many businesses use Facebook for promoting their products.

There are several factors that users can use to determine if their social media strategy is successful. Getting likes on the posts, images and videos that are uploaded by the company can help you in determining if your social media strategy is effective. A higher number of likes enables consumers to positively evaluate your company’s social media activity. Due to the importance that has been placed on getting likes for the company’s Facebook posts, the counting of this performance signal has changed.


The change has been announced in March 2015, on the Facebook blog. Facebook aims to make the likes on a particular post more transparent and accurate. Previously, the likes on business pages included those who have voluntarily deactivated their accounts. The likes for a post also included the response that was given by users who are no longer using Facebook and their accounts have been closed by the social media site. Therefore, through this new counting mechanism, Facebook wants to include only current and active users when analysing the likes that a particular post had.

When Facebook initially started likes as a way of getting the consumer response, it was positively received by the audience. Due to the wide cultural and online popularity of the thumbs up sign, getting FB likes has become an important goal for many businesses. The recent change can come as a huge blow to companies that have invested by unreliable sellers in getting higher amount of likes for getting more online awareness. The Facebook blog further mentions that users who are business page administrators are likely to witness a decline in the total number of likes for their posts. If you have a business page then you can be ensured that the reduction in likes is due to the Facebook policy and not any other problem.

Many users are tempted to reactivate their accounts once they have closed them down. Most of these users start to operate their accounts due to the large variety of posts, images and videos that are uploaded on a regular basis. To facilitate the users who have started to reactivate their accounts, Facebook will include their likes for the content in the tally again.

Even though there are some social media marketers that may think that this new policy is unfavourable for businesses, others are likely to have a positive opinion about this change. This policy ensures that businesses have an accurate count of users who might have the potential to be their future customers. It also helps businesses in getting the attention of the kind of consumers that Facebook can help them cater to.

Due to this policy many businesses can be adversely affected. This means that businesses can get lower likes that can lead to lower rankings on Facebook. If your business page is likely to suffer because of this policy then there are several strategies that you can execute to maintain your company’s online market presence. One of the most effective strategies that you can carry out is to buy Facebook likes. Buying Facebook likes ensures that your business page does not face a lower page rank. This strategy can be more profitable if you are able to decide the number of likes that you want. The number of likes may depend on the current position of your Facebook page and the tally that your competitors have on their respective pages.

When you make a decision to buy Facebook likes, it is important to hire a good company as ours that has experience in this matter. As part of your social media strategy you may need to contact us to get legitimate likes for your business page. There are many different packages that you can buy as per your social media reach preferences. Getting Facebook likes can be important for businesses that have recently established their social media pages. Buying Facebook likes can help you in getting ahead of the competition. It also helps in boosting your overall ranking.

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